TECH TIP: 109535 TJ Frameless Soft Top

Here are some tech tips to help you get to know your new Rampage Products Frameless Top.

  • TJ Frameless tops require
    • Aftermarket No Drill Header Channel (Rampage P/N 901004)
    • OEM door surrounds
    • Aftermarket or Factory Tailgate Bar (Rampage P/N 77015)
    • OEM Roll Bar – certain “add-on” bars that do not protrude beyond the OEM Roll Bar work with the top. Bars that extend outward typically make the top too tight resulting in an ill-fitting top or top that will not fit at all.
  • Top MUST be warm (hot to the touch even) before install – Recommend 70* + weather
  • Review the START HERE file before beginning your installation. Click here for the full installation instructions.



  • Foam inserts get folded into an inverted U shape and stuffed into the tops of the door surrounds. See image “1095XXFOAM.jpg”
  • Top needs 2-3 weeks of being installed to take a set to the vehicle. Seams and fabric form to the vehicle.
  • Most wrinkles in fabric and windows work out within 2-3 weeks.

    Frameless flap fix

    “Frameless Flap Fix.jpg”

  • If the corners of the top at the header channel are puckering, see image “Frameless flap fix.JPG” – Sides of top need to be pulled towards the back of the vehicle. This will pull the flaps down and eliminate air and water entering.
  • If when installing the rear windows there appears to be a large gap between side window and rear window, the order of installation needs to be changed. All zippers should be hooked up PRIOR to attaching any of the belt rail (plastic strip). For more info, see file “109535-top-addendum.pdf”
  • Excessive wind noise in the front – Header channel needs to be refitted. Wind catches underneath the lip of the header and creates turbulence. May need an extra hand to help push the header forward as its being tightened down to minimize the gap between the rubber gasket and the header channel.
  • Window install should be slow, DO NOT USE TOOLS to pull zippers. Hook up ALL ZIPPERS before attaching any of the belt rails along the door surrounds or body tub. Zip all 4 of the zippers at least half way, if not all the way. Then go through and stretch windows and hook up all the belt rails.



  • Build Tag is located on driver side, just behind main seam (where top splits apart), right along the edge. A few models have the build tag in the rear corners, just above the window. Stitched to the backside of the outer layer.
  • Soft Top Care Instructions

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